Idaho (Sandpoint, Moscow)

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We had high hopes in Washington, expected a slightly colder Oregon maybe? But it didn’t click at all, It is not a place I could imagine us anytime soon. Even after passing the mountains and finding ourselves in the rolling hills of the Columbia River Gorge. We may have spent some more time exploring if it wasn’t for a long overdue meet-up with our good friends in the Idaho woods. We spontaneously decided to head to northern Idaho to celebrate our friends goodbye from the fulltiming life, maybe stay a week or two? We ended up staying a month, celebrated two family’s new beginnings, connected with some more and ended up doing a lot of stupid shit.

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I must say, the northern Idaho area grew on me during that time. That specific area was down in the valley and I missed the direct view of the mountains. Also, it may have been a little bit more rednecky than I normally prefer. But the area is beautiful and you have everything you need without the unnecessary options that weigh you down. And if you’re in need of those (Hello Target!), Coeur d’Alene is only an hour away. Idaho wasn’t on our list at all, and suddenly it’s in the top 3. One reason more to explore before deciding on settling down!

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But then, two of our most favorite families now life there, so that may be an unfair advantage compared to other areas 😉

The time boondocking in the woods was as wonderful as the first times we all met up. More kids than adults running around (7 vs. 6, later 7 vs. 8 plus two dogs), more toys floating down the river than we will possibly ever find out. Midnight Glowstick-Tubing and burning half a cord of wood and girls night out and boys night out and that kind of neighborhood I wish for if we ever end up settling down. This crew is such a fun group of the most diverse views and personalities, and still we love each other (amiright?). Anyways, fun times.

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After we all split up we were kind of lost on where to go. Not in the mood for sightseeing and maybe kinda infected by the settling-down-bug, we decided to check out mid-west Idaho. The rolling hills of the Palouse and the beautiful city of Moscow. Seriously, if that town had some mountains or more free land (compared to almost 100% farmland), I would’ve stayed. That downtown beat Bend, OR, and that says something. But we were missing the mountains and even though the county park we stayed at was one of the best we ever saw, we only stayed a week until heading to Montana.

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