An honest progress report

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Those last days we managed to have some kind of normality. Though I still have problems putting normality and beach in one sentence. Breakfast at the beach, snorkeling on the weekend, playground and Marcel even caught his first fish and cooked it. And he got a rod for unlimited time with it. Americans. More fish in near future for us. Next on the agenda: Learn how to catch a lobster with bare hands. Or maybe we just watch. We had Hawaiian Sushi with friends, freshly picked starfruit, a meeting with Santa and lots of Christmas songs and dancing.
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But this progress report is supposed to be honest. And it wouldn’t be if we’d pretend all you need is the ocean and the sun and the beach. Because that’s not true. And even if the ocean and the sun and the beach make some of the problems more bearable than gray rainy days, those problems don’t just disappear. We are emigrating. That’s a big, expensive and exhausting thing. I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be. We had bad times and no matter how much you plan, you can’t plan for everything. Even if everyone we’ve met was extremely helpful.
We changed our way of living, you need time to adjust to something like that. Nothing is unlimited, as it was just a few months ago. Propane for cooking, electricity for charging the laptop, bandwidth. Everything has to be organized and rationed. We got the ocean for swimming, but no endless long hot showers. We are making so many memories, so many esciting experiences, but without electricity and or internet we can’t share them with anyone. Doing laundry by hand is kinda exciting or interesting when you do it the first time. But when you have to do it at the end of the month, it’s a different situation.

However, I will not give up on this life. Even though I have to give up on some planning reliability, hopefully for a limited period of time. I can deal with it as long as the little one wakes up happy every morning and goes to bed happy and full every evening. And as soon as the dust settles and we maybe have a regular, predictable month, I will draw a conclusion about this kind of living. Until then I enjoy those beautiful moments and work through the rest.
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