Betty Mods – Kitchen

So we’ve been forced to remodel the bathroom. And we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to use a house for a week. So what better time is there to redo the kitchen? Well honestly, it was the only time. Kids could sleep in the house, no nosy hands leaving fingerprints all over the place. Ah well, and the fumes. So the man in charge was in charge of keeping those kids busy and the woman in charge was painting. And somehow this always takes longer than you think. But at least it only took one day. And now you can finally see when the cabinets get dirty. I’ve waited for this for so long. Kids and white cupboards are just an unbeatable combination, an unimaginable joy.




One specific member of the household was eager to fix the broken cupboards. And sure, you don’t need to check the length of the screws. Why should you?


IMG_9257 IMG_9255 IMG_9247