Mittry Lake

I’d say we always planned on/wanted to boondock but hey, we did pretty much nothing else the first 10 months. Only that we didn’t stay in those fancy nature spots but at Lowes or Walmart every single night. Florida is not known for being rich in nature boondocking possibilities and the few are a real pain midsummer. It’s like you can’t decide what’s worse:  Mosquitoes, No-See-ums or the heat.

So, we did know how to conserve, life off as little water/energy as possible to make the resources last. But we never had the upsites of boondocking, the space to roam, nature and firepits.

That changed those last weeks. After meeting awesome fulltimer (you can find them on instagram:@boldadventure/@herboldadventure, @jmccartie/@emccartie and @meantforadventure) we slowly but surely improved our off  grid experiences.


It started innocent enough  with camping in the Mohave Desert. Technically, we stayed at a campground (which we had to pay for, too), but without hookups. It was great having some other kids to play with and some other adults to share a campfire.


After our obligatory stop at the campground with hookups to charge Betty and dump/refill everything we went straight to Mittry Lake, Arizona. A place we would’ve never went if it wouldn’t be for the company, because man, the street in there was a pain (honestly, it wasn’t that bad. If it wouldn’t be for Betty’s front suspension). We were rewarded with a week full of laughter, a wonderful thanksgiving meal with some other fulltimers and turkey, shooting lessons in the wilderness and even some drone pictures. The whole experience you normally only see on Instagram. And we’re in the middle of it.




And so we left after almost a week, checked a doctor’s visit off our To do List and bought us some solar panels. Because boondocking is fun, but not if you have to leave every 7 days (plus minus a few, depending on the temperatures). So now we’re proud owners of 300 Watt Solar panels mounted to our roof (Story here).

And off we went to the next adventure: Joshua Tree Dry Bed Lake Boondocking Shenanigans.