What the hell are we doing?



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Wait, weren’t we supposed to settle down in Idaho?! Well, nobody said we’re people who stick to plans. Quite the opposite actually. ( I just realized I never actually blogged about that whole North Idaho Homestead Winter Experience Extravaganza. Maybe later)

And so we are resuscitating our more-than-ever beaten up trailer and picking up where we left last fall. First on the list was Oregon, beaches, mountains and high desert for the month of April (also renewing our expat passports for the fun of it).

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Smith Rock State Park, Oregon High Desert

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Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

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Cove Palisades State Park, Oregon

Then back to North Idaho for celebrating a little girls 4th birthday with her very best little friends and then off to Montana now that it’s above freezing. Glacier NP, my happy place and a good way to test those new batteries. We have to head back to Idaho again because some visitors actually make plans long in advance and stick to it. And then…well it’s not like we stick to plans, so why make some?

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So much for an update for those who wondered what the hell we were doing.

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