Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Some words ahead: Do not do the math and add together how long we’ve been here vs. the stay limit. Just so we’re on the same page.

Lake Mead was the perfect place to get some furniture built, spent Christmas and New Years and build some more.

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We pulled in with the Bend cold still in our bones, still a little bit lost without our long-time neighbors and truly truly tired. There was so much on our To Do list, so the holiday break was not only well needed but well used, too.

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Pulling in we had a trailer with boxes standing around, no real bed either for us or the kids and don’t get me started on the “kitchen” situation. We pulled out shortly after with a full-grown kids room (not done but livable and home), a dinette system and a 8ft counter for the kitchen with ample storage underneath. We also left a fair amount of money at IKEA and please don’t ask me what for because…just don’t.

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Lake Mead also is fairly pretty, compared to what you get as acceptable temperate area around Christmas without crossing the border. It is still the barren desert, though, even with the lake and hot springs.

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