South-West Utah and Zion

Looking at our travel map of the last three and a half years it looks likes we’ve gone great lengths to avoid the state of Utah. It wasn’t like this. At least not great lengths. Just every spring when we planned to head into Utah we were so damn tired of the desert that we skipped right to the trees and mountains and meadows. And every fall we tried to stretch the time in the trees and mountains and deserts for as long as possible, beelining into the southern California/Arizona desert because we waited a tad too long. Well except for that one winter in North Idaho, where we completely missed our window of leaving.

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Anyways, Utah ain’t bad. It isn’t entirely what I thought it was but also it didn’t necessarily surprise me so far. We’ve been in trees earlier than I though (yay hammock, yay swing), we’ve had colder weather than expected (yay snow) and it is less densely populated than expected (remember to fill up on gas). But I am and always will be a lover of all things tree and mountains.

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We started in St. George/Hurricane (never actually went back to St. George) where we almost slipped off the road after some rain turned the red sand into red clay. We knew it would be sketchy, we may have underestimated the sketchiness a little bit though. So after it all dried up nicely and just minutes before the next snow hit we dragged poor Moomin down that dirt road, over the cattle guards and back onto some highways.

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We initially planned to just move a couple miles up the road, but after that spot was less than perfect we spontaneously decided on heading through Zion into Carmel Junction with another traveling family. Thing is: Moving trough Zion meant driving through the Zion tunnel, which isn’t high enough for a trailer to move trough in lane. So they have to block oncoming traffic and then you have the whole tunnel for yourself (or so you hope). The fun is $15 both ways and is definitely filed under fun, especially caravanning.

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So after that experience we were in Carmel Junction with strict plans to avoid the oncoming snow. Turns out the snow had a different idea and we woke up to close to 10cm of fresh white powder. At least now we know just how well Moomin is insulated.

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Since we were so close to Zion we figured Zion in snow is worth a trip and boy were we right. Though I gotta say, slick rock covered in snow definitely earns it’s name. The hike we did ha “most drop-offs secured” according to the sign, but it turns out that the guard rail does nothing to secure a tiny toddler from slipping right under. So iron grip was activated and I may not have let go of Sams hand for the entire hike because those drop offs were scary. But the view at the end was worth it and tiring the kids out was way worth it.

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We’ll stay at Lake Powell for the work week to get shit done and recharge (not necessarily because this beach is a RV zoo) and the probably head further north. Or so.

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