Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

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After spending way too much time in the Las Vegas area already we had to come back to order and pick up our fridge. We’ve used that cooler with the “Do not use as a fridge” label for way longer that expected and we’ve realized its limitations with Joshua Trees’ 100 degree days. So fridge got bumped up on the priorities list and we were back where we left just a couple of weeks ago. Because you can’t just use General Delivery for a fridge shipped on a pallet. You can, however, use it for deliveries, which we may have taken advantage of.

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We’d seen everything we wanted at the Lake Mead Recreation Area, so this time we explored the Valley of Fire State Park. Oh what a nice introduction into what’s to come in Utah. Red rocks as far as you can see, rock slides (who needs a playground anyways) and an uncrowned, no-frills mini-wave. I could’ve spent way more time there but with our camp spot closer to town (because fridge) we only made the trek once.

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But after we’d seen that and spent another day at IKEA we were about done with the big city. It’s still one of my favorite areas in the winter, that may or may not be due to the IKEA there.

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