Current status as of April 2019

It’s about time his blog got an update of where we are – about once a year it seems. I’ll probably maybe eventually do a recap of the last year, but for now we hopped continents and will be exploring Europe for the better part of the year. And since the shiny trailer didn’t make it in the cargo hold (yes, we seriously considered shipping, but some ideas are too stupid even for us), we’ll be doing a quick van built. You know, like you do. (Looping back to stupid ideas here).

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Anyways, we’re a solid 1/3 through with the build right now and have close to zero fixed plans of what we’re actually going to do on this continent that we grew up on. We’re going to head north for now, explore some of the Norwegian fjords and see some infamous Finnish mosquitoes and see where we end up. Maybe it’s time to research some route options, but honestly, I’d rather be building and driving.

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As for what we’ve been up to: Pretty much looping around the western states, from Utah all the way to Washington and Idaho and back down again. Sometimes on the coast, sometimes in the desert and sometimes in the snow.

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It’s about time we’ll change it up a bit, but I’m not quite sure yet what this will look like once we’re back stateside. For now, we’ll be returning to our almost most definitely soonish finished shiny trailer.

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