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Our Family Van Layout / Home

I feel like after 6+ years of living tiny and nomadically as a family, plus 6 months of living in a speed-built van, we went into the build with a pretty good idea of what we want and need with the layout, and what doesn’t work for us. And especially where we didn’t want to compromise (hello there, poop room).  We had hig...


Van Bathroom/Poop Room

Yes, we do have a bathroom/poop room in our van. It was one of the nonnegotiable items when we decided on building a van for a future home. So many reasons, the main ones: everywhere we go we find poop and toilet paper remains and there’s no reason to add to it. And two, we have kids. I have no need whatsoever to go outside at th...


Why we love our tiny wood stove

First of all: look at this beauty. What is not to love about a classic cast iron tiny wood stove? But we’ll, it ain’t about the look obviously, looks won’t keep us warm in 2 degree F weather.  So how are we faring with that tiny wood stove about a year in and several weeks of subfreezing temperatures? It’s awesome! ...


Why we decided on a tiny wood stove

When we started the renovation Marcel came up with the idea of using a tiny wood stove as a heating source for our new trailer. Naturally, I told him that is weird and I don’t want that. But I couldn’t come up with a better idea, because all other options we’ve tried and they for us.  The most obvious heati...


The three week Sprinter van built

Our priority for this built wasn’t that picture perfect home that presents well in pictures but a) won’t withstand two little kids and a dog for longer than a week and b) will take time off our six month trip that we’d rather spend watching reindeer in northern Norway than building a pretty van. And, naturally, we’d rather spe...


Current status as of April 2019

It’s about time his blog got an update of where we are - about once a year it seems. I’ll probably maybe eventually do a recap of the last year, but for now we hopped continents and will be exploring Europe for the better part of the year. And since the shiny trailer didn’t make it in the cargo hold (yes, we seriously considered shi...