Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass, so far, is our favorite area in the US. No, we haven’t seen it all, and yes, we like lot of different areas we’ve been in (Glacier NP is still defending its spot as my happy place and ask Willi about key west or Utah or Joshua Trees). But the subalpine and alpine tundra is that one area we both agree on. The place we can spend days and weeks exploring (if it wasn’t for that pesky internet for work) without getting tired of it. 

We never got around exploring the area before because pulling a trailer up and down the pass isn’t necessarily recommended (especially with the Excursion not being at his height of braking capabilities) and it was too far to explore it one way and back to camp. 

So basically this was the first area we got around exploring thanks to the van. And it already made the switch worth it. 

Beartooth pass is 67 Miles of beauty. Of mountain peaks and snowfields and subalpine tundra and mosquito laden lakes and just so freaking pretty.

Oh, and did I mention Baby Mountain Goats? Freaking Baby Mountain Goats. Enough said.

We spent weeks coming back up here, using the only 10ft x 10ft spot of Verizon 4g at the very top for work. And after work we’d just wander the tundra to hidden lakes and valleys. Gah, I could go on and on about this area, but I’ll just dump a couple pictures for reference.