Van Bathroom/Poop Room

Yes, we do have a bathroom/poop room in our van. It was one of the nonnegotiable items when we decided on building a van for a future home.

So many reasons, the main ones: everywhere we go we find poop and toilet paper remains and there’s no reason to add to it. And two, we have kids. I have no need whatsoever to go outside at the crack of dawn to dig a hole in the – probably frozen -ground to have them poop there. And I mean…a shower? That’s pure luxury, we didn’t even have a shower in our shiny trailer. It’s not warm yet, but we didn’t need it warm yet.

Our toilet is a DIY composting toilet, diverting pee and poop. I spent hours on Amazon finding the perfect combination of boxes that use all the space. We have three boxes in there: a poop box (aka a Rubbermaid trash can), a pee bottle (aka a 1.25gallon plastic bottle) and a pee overflow box (aka a bathroom organizer).

That way when the pee overflows we just take out both the bottle and the box without having to worry about the wood. We also covered the entire toilet box in polyurethane for additional protection. We bought a pee diverter off Ebay, the same one we’ve used in the trailer and that has worked well for us in the last few years.

Next to the toilet are two compartments, one for Cococoir and one for misc overflow stuff like contacts and razor blades and all that kinda stuff. We also have a cabinet for daily use items and a shower curtain because the room is pretty much waterproof (thanks to a ton of polyurethane and silicone) but not a wet room. 

Fun fact that we totally did it plan on: we can use the shower to refill the Berkey without ever having to take apart the Berkey. Win!