Crestview was always kinda part of our Todo list. Shall we, and if yes when? It’s a pretty big detour but we had to have our driver’s licenses transcribed and it would be easier to just pick up our mail.

Crestview is our official hometown, the town over mail forwarding service is located. And since you can only transcribe your driver’s license in the county you are registered we had to visit sooner or later. Well, within the first year after arriving in the states, read: until November. The question was if we’d make the trip before or after driving up to Atlanta. And one day we spontaneously decided to do it now. Off to Crestview it was.

The Campground is more like a tended parking lot with free wifi and laundry. No Kids, no playground and most of the campers are living here, going to work every morning and leaving the park eerily quiet. But we didn’t come for the fun.

We actually did pass the written driver’s test, after some midnight marathon learning (and did learn some interesting facts, for example that your driver’s license can be revoked if you fail to pay child support). And we even picked up our mail.


For now I’m done with the unbearable heat and the feeling to be stuck inside (too hot, thunderstorm, man-sized mosquitoes, parking lot feeling, there’s always something). I hope the next campgrounds will be more kid-friendly and I truly hope for some cooling down.

This weekend we’ll be headed to Montgomery before we’ll stay at the Tuskegee National Forest for some boondocking (if the temperatures allow us to) and then pick up our good friend in Atlanta. We’ll probably leave Atlanta before we even got there and spend the Labor Day weekend at Chehaga State Park.