Superficial Americans

When we decided to head over the Atlantic and try our luck in the states everybody asked us why there. And our answer was, next to landscape, language, and so on, the kindness and hospitality. And basically everyone told us: That’s to superficial, they don’t mean it, no one cares if you really need it.
We’ve been here for almost 6 months and couldn’t escape all those kind, nice and friendly people. It started when the guy at the RV rental station gave us practically a whole basic equipment for free and offered us expert help for buying a RV. Then we met this unbelievable nice family that waited with us, called for us and encouraged us for 6 hours when Betty had her first hiccup at the gas station. Betty was sold as seen and she doesn’t have any hidden bugs. And after a month in Stuart we not only found acquaintances but friends. Friends that even threw a huge baby shower for us.
To be honest, the only superficial person I met was me.
Why did I write this? Because right now I’m sitting in my midwife’s backyard, which by the way bartered with us to reduce the price of the delivery. She offered us to stay in the backyard until we feel like leaving again after the birth. Just like that. We got an extension cord (luxury! Charging my phone anytime I want!), we got water, we are allowed to use her freezer, her washing mashine, her toys and in return have all the privacy we want.