Texas/New Mexico/Colorado


We couldn’t wait to leave the green part of Texas behind. It’s been enough trees for a lifetime. Basically, trip planning goes as follows: We choose a destination, we split the tour in several 2 to 3 hour trips, take work days into consideration to avoid unnecessary stress and then end up driving the whole tour in one, two days because we can’t wait to get there. That’s how Texas was. So we ended up driving to Amarillo in one tour.

And we had big plans for Amarillo.  A two week stay, experiencing all the things Amarillo has to offer.  RV museum, children’s museum, Cadillac Farm, Boo at the zoo and so on. Eventually, we ended up staying only one week, ordering pizza twice and at least stopped at the Cadillac Farm (several old Cadillac stuck in the dirt for everyone to paint them). Why? I don’t really know. Something between being antsy and being exhausted. I think we just wanted to get to Colorado because we had big hopes for this area. The drive up north was different from what we had before, no trees but plains as far as you could see, and conquering our first mountain.







In the end we took three days to get through Texas, New Mexico (staying at a Campground that sold patches from 20 different states, but not New Mexico) to Longmont, Colorado. Well, not without stopping at IKEA, because you always need something, even if it’s only plaids for the windows and rugs because it’s getting cold.

And just like this we’re in Colorado, brought back down to earth.