Joshua Tree National Park, CA


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We’ve spent some time at Joshua Tree two years ago, still with Betty and fairly new to this whole traveling/boondocking/meeting friends on the road thing. It was still one of the most epic groups/camping experience we had so far and we were not expecting this trip to top the experience on that dry lake bed. It didn’t. But we got some flooring laid down, so it wasn’t not nice either.

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We stayed at the south end of the park for convenience reasons (read: Home Depot close by), so to actually experience the not-barren-desert-areas of the park we had to drive almost an hour one way. With work/kids/building we did that about twice in the three weeks we stayed there. We did about double the trips to Home Depot. It’s all about balancing those priorities.

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We got our first real taste of summer, too – in the middle of February. Daytime temperatures around 100 degrees showed us the limits of our “fridge” and we changed our priorities accordingly. So back to Las Vegas it was.

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Also we got to see the Lunar Eclipse.

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