More Space


Finally, after the third and surprisingly least stressful IKEA visit we are proud owners of a dining table. No more eating disrupted  by comments like “Would you please remove your feet from my plate?”. This situation dragged way too long. And it all began – as usual – with one impulsive decision. Seriously, we need someone to do this damn intervention. That’s the problem with having two people with the same tendency for impulsive decisions in one household. Anyways, one sunny afternoon back at the Jensen Beach Lowes parking lot we ripped out the dinette. Just like this, without much of a plan but the need for more space and less dead storage space. Gone the shopping bag drawer and the pot drawer, the pillows stored in the compartments (for the little one for romping around when she needs to blow off some steam). And there was so much space. That has been filled, IKEA visit after IKEA visit. Now finally the little brother has a space for himself, with toys and stuff. Now we just have to explain that to the big sister.




The only problem left: The sofa did look pretty ugly in comparison. And impulsive control problem. And IKEA 10 minutes away. Anyways, we got a new sofa (after two days outside I took the old one apart so we could get it to a dump. It was like an interesting lesson in Florida’s world of insects. Apparently I destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cucaracha, their children and grandchildren. Plus uncounted spiders in varying sized and so so many bugs. Fun fact: We left for Walmart the other day and when we came back all the metal pieces were gone. I don’t know if you actually get some money for them but I don’t care. One problem solved for us). Table and chairs fit perfectly under the sofa, so no problem of securing them during driving. And we were able to build the seatbelts in the sofa, just like they were before. And until now, nobody (!) spit on the sofa. Yet.



IMG_0197 copy

IMG_0203 copy



IMG_0208 copy

IMG_0206 copy

IMG_0193 copy






By the way, everything except the ripping out part where performed at night. Oh the joys of having a toddler.