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More Space

Finally, after the third and surprisingly least stressful IKEA visit we are proud owners of a dining table. No more eating disrupted  by comments like “Would you please remove your feet from my plate?”. This situation dragged way too long. And it all began – as usual – with one impulsive decision. Seriously, we need someone t...


Betty Mods – Tires

Betty mods – the tires Problem number one wasn’t really a problem. When we bought Betty we already knew that the tires were pretty old and had to be replaced soon. Thanks to our tax refund we now finally got the possibility to at least exchange the front tires. Motorhome tires are truck tires and not cheap. We paid $350 per tire an...


Betty Mods Nesting edition

A common side effect of being pregnant, besides looking like a Manatee, casual grunting when getting up and the need to sleep for 24 hours a day, is nesting instinct. That wasn’t too bad when we were still living in our apartment. Oh, I could clean the oven. Should we move the sofa? But now, living in a 20-year old motorhome we just...


Betty Mods

Having a motorhome is like having any other home: There are always ways to improve, no matter how much money you throw at it. Well, because it is like any other home. Maybe just a little smaller and on wheels.   The Floor Oh well, the floor. There are just some days you shouldn't make any important decisions. Or maybe no dec...