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Highway 395, Mono Lake and Mammoth Lakes Area

Starting from Reno just after Halloween we traveled down Highway 395 all the way south to Ridgecrest (only to travel up north in a loop to be back in Reno for Christmas and then back south in another loop once the new year started, but that’s a different story). View of Mono Lake from the 395 S I still think the 395 is one of the...


Mojave National Preserve

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the desert. At all. I'll take frozen toes and cold coffee over the dusty plains of the southwest any day. But...but the Mojave National Preserve is...fine I guess. As good as the southwest goes (minus the Sonoran desert. We haven't been there yet so the verdict is still out). Ivanpah M...


Why we love our tiny wood stove

First of all: look at this beauty. What is not to love about a classic cast iron tiny wood stove? But we’ll, it ain’t about the look obviously, looks won’t keep us warm in 2 degree F weather.  So how are we faring with that tiny wood stove about a year in and several weeks of subfreezing temperatures? It’s awesome! ...


Why we decided on a tiny wood stove

When we started the renovation Marcel came up with the idea of using a tiny wood stove as a heating source for our new trailer. Naturally, I told him that is weird and I don’t want that. But I couldn’t come up with a better idea, because all other options we’ve tried and they did.not.work for us.  The most obvious heati...


Mohave Desert National Preserve

We heard word that some fulltime families were meeting up in the Mohave Desert National Park and since it was the first chance for us to meet like minded people we decided to give it a try. We passed the last town, then the last gas station with $5 a gallon gas and $14 a gallon milk. We drove down 10 miles of washboard road to a campg...