the family journal

We’ve been on the road for a while now, and we’ve seen quite a bit. We haven’t yet scratched the surface of what is out there though, so we keep exploring. Sometimes we can’t sit still, sometimes we don’t want to move. Sometimes we cover 1000 miles in a month, sometimes barely 50. But we are moving and we are exploring, one mile at a time.


Migrant birds or not?

Well, that was shorter than we planned. Though you have to be fair, we didn’t plan anything. It was a nice trip anyways. Travelling, getting away, that’s difficult right now. Everything in us wants to head north, but we’re picking up visitors in Miami in five weeks. Every northbound mile gets us a mile in the wrong direction. We ...


Migrant Birds

After spending some time in Florida I noticed that birds aren’t the only ones migrating with the seasons. Sharks do, too (that’s why some beaches may be basically shut down for a couple of weeks at a time), Manatees (up North to the springs) and those winterbirds and their motorhomes. Though, we missed the departure time, we’re ba...


Superficial Americans

When we decided to head over the Atlantic and try our luck in the states everybody asked us why there. And our answer was, next to landscape, language, and so on, the kindness and hospitality. And basically everyone told us: That’s to superficial, they don’t mean it, no one cares if you really need it. We’ve been here for almost ...


Betty Mods Nesting edition

A common side effect of being pregnant, besides looking like a Manatee, casual grunting when getting up and the need to sleep for 24 hours a day, is nesting instinct. That wasn’t too bad when we were still living in our apartment. Oh, I could clean the oven. Should we move the sofa? But now, living in a 20-year old motorhome we just...


Betty Mods

Having a motorhome is like having any other home: There are always ways to improve, no matter how much money you throw at it. Well, because it is like any other home. Maybe just a little smaller and on wheels.   The Floor Oh well, the floor. There are just some days you shouldn't make any important decisions. Or maybe no dec...


An honest progress report

Those last days we managed to have some kind of normality. Though I still have problems putting normality and beach in one sentence. Breakfast at the beach, snorkeling on the weekend, playground and Marcel even caught his first fish and cooked it. And he got a rod for unlimited time with it. Americans. More fish in near future for us. N...